Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Elder Scrolls Online PVP

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The Elder Scrolls Online got released recently and I have been leveling up my new character, I will create a post about my PVE experience, but this one will focus on my PVP experience.

PVP in The Elder Scrolls Online is actually like this.
First of all, I saw the  familiar quest marking, showing me the way to an NPC in the distance. I went over to her and she gave me an introductory quest. I also had the option to go to another NPC and skip the training. I had no idea of what to do, and there is a lot to learn in the PVP aspect of this Elder Scrolls Online, so I accepted the quest. It led me to a place where there were a lot of siege equipment and I spoke to an NPC who taught me how to operate and fix them and I had to hit target dummies with them. This was the most important thing you could get taught in the tutorial, as it taught you how to repair walls and siege equipment.

The cost of siege equipment is not that expensive, in relation to what you earn. You spend a different currency to buy these machines, alliance points, which you earn by doing well in PVP, capturing points with a group (or alone), killing other players etc. Along with these, you also get a mail each time you achieve something good, and this happens a lot if you ask to join a group and you join them taking over objectives.You get gear which is amazing as you can use it in PVP and you will become stronger, even though your stats are leveled to a level 50 equivalent, it will give you more of an advantage so you don't die as fast and you will do more damage etc.

I earned my first few titles really quickly when I entered PVP. I got the recruit title after killing a few people and I am working my way up. It's like a whole new experience in PVP and everything you do actually helps. I was standing on my castle walls with a bow and I saw a whole group of enemies running forward and setting up siege equipment and a full scale assault had just begun! My team came to fight them off and archers were firing arrows from the walls, avoiding the debris being thrown from the machines attacking us. We managed to get around behind them and charge at them, which scared them off!

One bad thing though, I fired an arrow at a wall and I could not actually see the arrow hit the wall, there is no animation for the arrow itself! :O

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